Together with Jelle Dingemans I have been to Trento-Italy to share our passion for animation on a graphic school called ‘ISTITUTO PAVONIANO ARTIGIANELLI PER LE ARTI GRAFICHE”. This is a short recap of our time in the weekends!

I also took my drone with me on this amazing trip. Created some sick footage on top of mountains, over blue lakes and cool nature parks!


3 Months

After a succesful exchange with some Italian students from the same school they asked us to come over again to teach their students some fresh and exciting animations lessons. ”Hell yeah!” The second after we got this question we started arranging stuff like our flight, our stay and much more! Because we where so enthusiastic and we did everything super precise we got an ”excellence scholarship” of our school!

We’ve also made a video with some more serious footage about the educational part of our internship.


Also check out the website of Jellymation (Jelle Dingemans)